Road Trip!


Our Next Generation Math and Science projects are going on the road. Catch presentations March 2 – 6 at the SITE Conference in Las Vegas, NV; March 9 – 13 at SXSWEdu in Austin, TX; March 30 – April 2 at the National Head Start Conference in Washington, D.C.


Then it’s April 17 – 18 at the National Math Festival in Washington, D.C. and with our Finnish partners April 20 – 22 at the Cicero Learning Conference in Stanford, CA.


iSea of iPads


Following two years of intense prototyping, research, and revisions, the Next Generation Preschool Math integrated curriculum is ready to be formally tested in classrooms across the country. Check out team members Ayelet, Jillian, and Jay as they charge, configure, and load the eight NGPM games and teacher’s guide on each of the fifty iPads seen here!

The Next Generation Preschool Math team at WGBH includes Christine, Jillian, Sonja, Dan, Kevin, Frank, Bharat, Caz, Jolin, Ayelet, Amy and Jay.

Tech for Tots! Making math apps that tickle the brain!

The WGBH Kids Next Generation Preschool Math development team and research partners want to offer a behind-the-scenes look at making preschool apps for math, and they need your support.

Everyone is encouraged to vote for NGPM to present at SXSWedu to help them shape the future of technology in education:

(Note: You’ll be asked to sign up and sign in before you can click on the thumbs up to vote for NGPM. Voting ends Oct. 5.)

Check out the NGPM blog or follow NGPM on Twitter!

Next Generation Preschool Math

Work continues with our Next Generation Preschool Math project, It’s a 4-year, $3.5m research project for which WGBH (in partnership with research scientists from the Center on Children and Technology at EDC and SRI International) is designing a blended learning suite with eight iPad apps for preschool math learning. The apps will be complemented by non-digital materials designed to integrate with the rhythms and spaces that make a preschool classroom tick – learning centers, snack time, circle time, and playground time.

The NGPM team is Christine, Jillian, Dan, Kevin, Jolin, Bharat, Caz, Frank, Chi-Yun, Jeff, Mary, Sonja, & Ayelet.