Young People in World War 2

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Although I share our work here from time to time, I don’t often get to share a project that is so personally meaningful. We’ve just produced, with a partnership with The International Museum of World War II, an interactive experience using artifacts from the museum. It’s for high school students to let them explore the wartime experiences of young people.

It is available for free to schools through PBS LearningMedia.

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While we had fabulous access to artifacts from the Museum’s extensive collection, and conducted our own photo shoots, we were able to add a few additional pieces. These additions include a love story played out across correspondence between the parents of my friend and co-worker Cyrisse and, eagle-eyed among you may recognize, my mum, Hazel who was, along with her sister Josephine, in the WAAF, the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force.

The project is fully responsive for desktop or mobile, and is keyboard accessible for those with motor or vision challenges.

This was both a delightful and important project to work on and its extensive list of credits shows the care we were able to take in getting expert advice, period music, terrific design, thoughtful tech, and teacher feedback as we were putting this together.

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A Few Days in Armenia


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I was in Yerevan, Armenia this week to represent our work at an international media literacy conference #tvapatum18 along with representatives from Voice of America, Dutch and Armenia media, the Caucasus correspondent for the BBC in Tblisi, the Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics, the Newseum, Russian independent journalists and filmmakers, and the International Committee of the Red Cross. 

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You can see my impressions and personal travel blog here

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View at


In the Shop


Ruff paid a visit this week to check out WGBH’s studio workshops. He offered to help but, after a previous incident with a small chair that needed a minor repair, we don’t let him near power tools, marshmallows, glue, dynamite, or, for that matter, cattle.

Arthur Hits 20


Arthur’s Top 20 celebrates 20 years of ARTHUR being on the air.

This collection of minigames reaches deep into the vaults of ARTHUR lore. Henry Skreever books! The lucky pencil! Thelma the singing bass! Not to mention, Yamlet! (Ah, we knew you well…) These and many other classic items are featured in a variety of simple-yet-challenging games to test a player’s reflexes, logic — and nostalgia.

The first eight minigames are up, with six more launching next Friday, and six more the following Friday, for a total of — you guessed it — 20 mini games.


So visit the site, play the game, test your skills (with games featuring the green potato chip, Sharky, Wally, and more) and enjoy saying, “Oh, yeah, I remember that!” 


Fabulous work from Gentry, Jeff and Jolin.

Quack in the Community


On September 24, 2016, WGBH co-hosted an event called “Ready to Learn: Family Tech Day” with Tech Goes Home, Boston Public Schools Adult Learning Center, and English for New Bostonians.  

At the event, families could complete hands-on or digital activities about literacy and science, get information about technology and local resources, and take photos with WGBH characters Peep, Quack, and Curious George.

This event was made possible by the generous support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Photo: Anna Fort