New ARTHUR Games!

The ARTHUR team is excited to share news about three new digital games, all funded by PBS Kids with a research grant from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative:

  • TOWER OF COWS (D.W.’s favorite game), where players stack cows in a series of increasingly difficult challenges;
  • MUFFY’S PARTY PLANNER gives players the chance to join Muffy in designing parties, paying close attention to the clients’ needs; and
  • KINDERGARTEN HELPERS lets players follow the Elwood City kindergarten kids’ preferences to create a fun school experience for all.

Since launching on the ARTHUR website and in the PBS Kids games app, all three games have garnered over 2 million plays.

The team was Gentry, Dan, Jolin, Nolan, Eric, Lauren, Sophie, Lizzie, Kate, Alan, Kimberlee, Isaac, Li, and Bill.

Where’s Waldo? Here!


Our new ARTHUR game just launched!

In Waldo Loves Muffy, players use logic to help Waldo (Muffy’s long-forgotten imaginary friend) find his way back to her, collecting as many hearts as you can along the way. But there are dangerous obstacles: creepy eyeball creatures, tiny passages, and dead ends abound. Players place pieces into the game to turn Waldo left, right, and diagonally; and to help him get past the obstacles. For added fun, guide Waldo to the magic hat, which transforms him into Cowboy Waldo, Elvis Waldo, Sherlock Waldo, and more!

This addicting HTML5 game was produced by Gentry with Jeff and Dennis.