Wizard Academy!

We’re very excited to let you know that the new ARTHUR game, WIZARD ACADEMY, has launched!

You can find it in the PBS Kids games app, on the PBS Kids site, and on the ARTHUR site at: https://pbskids.org/arthur/games/wizard-academy

Welcome to Wizard Academy! Arthur is ready to begin his magical training, but the troublemaker Moldywart has stolen the textbooks AND whisked away all the students! Arthur needs your help to learn new spells, save his friends, and ultimately defeat Moldywart in his tower lair – revealing more secret passages and silly potions to explore! Can Arthur save his beloved school? It’s all up to you!

The game features:

  • 10 increasingly challenging levels, set at Pigblisters Wizard Academy (as introduced in the TV show)
  • 4 richly decorated areas of the academy: the library wing, the botanical wing, the abandoned wing, and Moldywart’s tower hideaway
  • A boss battle where you come face to face with the very naughty Moldywart!
  • A full set of hidden passages and treasures in all 10 levels, available only once you’ve defeated Moldywart
  • 4 magical spells to learn
  • 18 classmates to rescue (plus Professor Rattledore!)
  • Hundreds of coins to collect throughout the levels, with the chance to earn 12 bonus outfits
  • 15 deep, dark (and funny) secrets to learn about Moldywart
  • An original soundtrack, including scene-setting moody themes for the main gameplay, and silly songs for the potions
  • 9 silly potions to discover in the secret passages (and then experience!):
    • Duck Shoes potion
    • Snow potion
    • Bubbles potion
    • Fireworks potion
    • Crazy Bus potion (the most annoying potion EVER created!)
    • Happy Birthday potion (with an Easter egg on Arthur’s ACTUAL birthday!)
    • Storm potion
    • Dance potion (featuring a dance version of the ARTHUR theme song)
    • Cow potion


  • Nolan (Digital Designer): lead game design, character design, level design, main music themes
  • Jolin (Senior Developer): lead game developer
  • Jenny (Associate Digital Designer): design support, decorative artwork, potion art
  • Gentry (Senior Producer): story, script, sound design, original potion music, voice of Moldywart (Mwah-hah-hah-haaaa…)

Thanks also to the full ARTHUR team, including Kacie and Carol for their feedback, and Kate for budget support; Melissa and the digital team at PBS; and Tolon and Marc Brown.