YouTube Genres

Animals. Mostly Cats.

Random / Temporary Memes

Double rainbow, David at dentist, ice bucket challenge, autotunes. Very unpredictable. Browsing thru this will show you the breadth.


“YouTubers” with some kind of recurring schtick. Jenna Marbles, Hank Green et al.

Cute Kids

Music Videos

Original versions; parodies; lip dubs and other amateur copies.

Fail videos

Accidents, pranks, car crashes, stupid stunts…


Clips, remixes, fake trailers, interesting comparisons


Superimposed at start of most videos, but also popular in their own right

Extreme Sports

GoPro and more.


Of popular genres or TV shows…

How To and Tutorials

Basic life skills. Cooking, grooming, make-up…

Academic or Pop Science

TV Clips or Custom Short Form Videos

Product Videos

Haul videos, product reviews & comparisons.

Let’s Play

Gamers playing games.

Extreme Weather