IDC 2013


Christine will be presenting the latest findings from Next Generation Preschool Math at IDC in New York with colleagues Ashley Lewis Presser and Philip Vahey.

Their paper is entitled, “Designing Early Childhood Math Games: A Research-Driven Approach”


Our first Unity 3D Game

Screen shot 2013-03-09 at 8.22.53 AM

Ruff Ruffman’s Monumental Mini Golf
Ruff is on a mission to build the tallest, longest, and heaviest mini-golf course in the world and he needs your help! Once you’ve completed a series of math challenges you can play the mini-golf course you’ve helped create.

Built in Unity with Flash animation embedded, this collaborative game was a massive collaboration between WGBH, PBS KIDS, CoCoDeep Studios and Global Mechanic Media. Funded by a Ready to Learn grant.

Fidgit Factory

Screen shot 2012-12-03 at 8.26.27 AM

DESIGN SQUAD has launched Fidgit Factory, a new game where players wire a circuit that powers a set of wacky machines. Then as the orders roll in, players dress up those adorable Fidgits with hats, glasses, antennae and more! See if you can win the high-score stickers through all 5 levels and 15 rounds of play!

Team: Kal, Tara, Melissa, Li, Jillian, Caz, Sylvia, Pearl, and Dave. With music by Christian.