Our first Unity 3D Game

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Ruff Ruffman’s Monumental Mini Golf
Ruff is on a mission to build the tallest, longest, and heaviest mini-golf course in the world and he needs your help! Once you’ve completed a series of math challenges you can play the mini-golf course you’ve helped create.

Built in Unity with Flash animation embedded, this collaborative game was a massive collaboration between WGBH, PBS KIDS, CoCoDeep Studios and Global Mechanic Media. Funded by a Ready to Learn grant.

Fidgit Factory

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DESIGN SQUAD has launched Fidgit Factory, a new game where players wire a circuit that powers a set of wacky machines. Then as the orders roll in, players dress up those adorable Fidgits with hats, glasses, antennae and more! See if you can win the high-score stickers through all 5 levels and 15 rounds of play!

Team: Kal, Tara, Melissa, Li, Jillian, Caz, Sylvia, Pearl, and Dave. With music by Christian.