Search It Up!


Discover how everyday kids use technology with Search It Up! It’s a delightful, new mini-series from GBH and PBS KIDS. Real kids talk about how they use the internet, navigate with GPS, keep in touch with family, and have endless fun with phones.

The series was produced by GBH with support provided by Internet Essentials from Comcast and this pilot series has recorded over 7 million streams in its first 5 months.

#1 It’s the Internet

Real kids talk about how the internet works on Search It Up! In this episode, we discover if you can weigh the internet, we hear what life was like before technology, and we are tempted by pie. Delicious pie.

#2 Searching it Up

Real kids talk about what’s real and what isn’t on Search It Up! Not everything you find on the internet is true. So, in this episode, let’s test your skills with the Fake and Real Quiz Show, meet some glowing worms, and paint a house.

#3 Getting Around

Real kids talk about maps and GPS on Search It Up! In this episode, we discover how to get to Independence Hall, how GPS works, and which snack is best for celebrating a successful journey.

#4 Staying in Touch

Real kids talk about video chat on Search It Up! In this episode, we use video chat to connect Puppyland with Outer Space; one boy catches up with his grandpa, and another connects with his dad when he’s working away from home.

#5 Phone Fun

Real kids talk about phones on Search It Up! In this episode, we discuss bananas and old fashioned phones, we meet an Alaska Native elder, and we learn some important safety tips.

#6 Taking Photos

Real kids talk about cameras and selfies on Search It Up! In this episode, we see a very big chunk of cheese, we learn how many faces a typical child can pull, and we discover the value of a self-portrait photograph.

#7 Buy Things Now

Real kids talk about ads on Search It Up! This episode explains how ads work and is brought to you by a large number of purple balloons.

#8 Ask an Expert

Real kids make their own how-to video on Search It Up! In this episode, we learn how to make an animal invisible, how bikes work, how many toasters is too many toasters, and we discover the most important thing of all.

#9 Into the Future

Real kids talk about technology they would like to see on Search It Up! In this episode, we hover into future, we smell the future of French cinema, and we travel under the sea to take care of the oceans.