Martha Transmedia – Web & Apps

MARTHA SPEAKS has launched its new suite of story-based games. Funded by the Department of Education through a Ready to Learn grant to CPB and PBS, the suite includes games, stories, an interactive glossary, a make-your-own-newspaper and two apps. Several TV animations based on the games will also be broadcast on PBS KIDS.

The MARTHA Stories team was: Bill, Dave, Laura, Melissa C., Melissa M., Caroline, Betsy, Chris, Carol, Dan, Tara, Frank, Kim, Jeff, Chi-Yun, Kal, Kit, and Dennis.

New Gesture Games for MARTHA

Martha’s Circus Spectacular is a suite of four gesture-input games with a circus theme and over forty vocabulary words between them. These games utilize the camera on the computer to capture the movement of the player. Don’t worry, we won’t record you. Players use their own gestures to make choices for and influence the movement of characters on screen. Each game has a keyboard-only version for the player who doesn’t have a camera on his or her computer.

The MARTHA Circus team: Laura, Bharat, Jeff, Jolin, Matt, & Dan.