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Martha’s gone mobile! We’ve just launched a redesigned mobile site with 5 games, a video player for watching even more Martha and a direct link to the complete set of Martha’s True Stories! So, whether you want to check out a video, play hide & seek with puppies or find out all about the invention of gum, Martha’s got you covered where ever you go.

WHAT? You can play hide and seek with puppies? You bet! in Martha’s latest game, Martha Seeks, you’re on the hunt with a pack of puppies looking for some seriously yummy buried treats.

Speaking of treats… in case you missed it, earlier this summer Martha got to design her own game! It’s called, Martha’s Steaks. Where else could you fulfill Martha’s doggy dreams by helping her friends leap, glide and somersault to catch treats in a side-scrolling skyscape full of meaty goodness?

And who gets the reward snacks? Meet the teams:

Martha Seeks: Bharat, Belinda, Jeff, Katie, Laura

Mobile: Tara, Kal, Gentry, Bharat, Dennis, Laura

Martha Steaks: Bharat, Fran, Belinda, Karina, Laura

Suite of HTML5 Digital Stories

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 8.27.42 AMBuilding on our MARTHA’S STORIES set of games and videos, we just launched a suite of 12 interactive non-fiction stories for MARTHA. Funded by Ready to Learn through PBS and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, these digital narratives are designed to help kids (and their reading buddies) explore STEM vocabulary. The suite contains interactive narratives, review quizzes and a wide variety of touch-screen mechanics exploring everything from octopus camouflage to the history of gum.

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For more, see our Parent Guide.

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This work is also being field tested on Android tablets at the University of Maryland as part of a wider research project into vocabulary acquisition.

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The True Stories team includes: Laura, Bharat, Belinda, Bill, Dan, Tara, Frank, Jeff, Caroline, Li, Cassie, Jolin, Dennis, Kevin, Rebecca, Cecilia, Sara, Alicia and Alan.