Our first Unity 3D Game

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Ruff Ruffman’s Monumental Mini Golf
Ruff is on a mission to build the tallest, longest, and heaviest mini-golf course in the world and he needs your help! Once you’ve completed a series of math challenges you can play the mini-golf course you’ve helped create.

Built in Unity with Flash animation embedded, this collaborative game was a massive collaboration between WGBH, PBS KIDS, CoCoDeep Studios and Global Mechanic Media. Funded by a Ready to Learn grant.

Lunch Rush


Just found this review of our FETCH Augmented Reality math app.

The app is being used as intended – getting kids moving around and thoroughly engaged in otherwise dull number/operations challenges.

“I emailed all lower grade teachers to see if it might benefit their students with practicing some basic math facts, and the entire 1st grade team signed up to give it a try. I printed out the cards and posted them around the media center so that the game took on a true scavenger hunt feel.  The basics of the game are that you have basic math facts that add or subtract up to 10.  You have 10 printed cards with numbers and symbols on them to post around the room.  The app gives you a fact, you find the answer, you point the iPad at the picture, a picture of sushi appears on your screen, and you tap it to send it to lunch.  The app times how long it takes to answer the problems and increases in difficulty as accuracy and speed increase….This app pulled together so many great learning pieces for students.  There was gaming, movement, problem solving, the cool factor, and technology.  The teacher made observations and then went back to the classroom to practice more strategies that will help students develop their math fact fluency.  I hope more apps like this one cross our path because it was fun, engaging, and took boring math fact practice to a whole new level!”

Get the free app at iTunes.