Go on a nature adventure with Plum’s Creaturizer! Kids and families can build wild creatures, then head outdoors to photograph them right in their own backyard. It’s part of PLUM LANDING, a PBS KIDS project that helps kids develop a love for this amazing, beautiful, and dramatic planet we call home.

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The app provides opportunities for kids and their families to interact with nature in a thoughtful way and have fun exploring together.



  • Build a billion (really!) unique creatures using over a hundred body parts based on real animals.
  • Customize each creature’s body, head, legs, eyes, tail, wings, ears, horns, and skin.
  • Take photos of your creature outdoors, “photobombing” them into the scene.
  • Complete missions for each creature in which you consider its needs (habitat, diet, and adaptations).
  • Answer questions to get you thinking about how your creatures might live – how they hunt, eat, look for water, make homes, defend themselves, or raise their young.
  • Watch a slideshow featuring a day in the life of your creature.
  • Visit the gallery, displaying all your creatures, and add to, review, or edit your photos. Photos are saved to the in-app Gallery and your device’s camera roll.


Major funding for PLUM LANDING is provided by the National Science Foundation, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and the Kendeda Fund. Additional funding is provided by the Northern Research Station, Forest Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture.