Boston Games Forum

Photo Credit: Tara Taylor
Photo Credit: Tara Taylor

Jeff presented the forthcoming Arthur App at the Boston Games Forum Demo Night at the Microsoft Center in Cambridge, MA.

The Boston Games Forum is self-described as organization dedicated to supporting Boston’s game industry. From game developers to designers to creatives and investors, the Forum provides a platform for those interested in the creation of games to connect and learn.Here are the upcoming game forum events listed:   

Jeff presented alongside these other presenters:

OBEY by The Lo-Fi Apocalypse

OBEY is a competitive multiplayer action game inspired by authoritarian systems of power. Win using stealth, intelligence, trickery and creativity against your opponents.

Hard Lander by Soulareus (Presented by BareHand)
Hard lander is a physics based local multiplayer game designed for up to 4 players to duke it out in the most advanced rocket acrobatics simulation! You can also master your rocket acrobatics in single player challenges.

Play: Hard Lander

Breakers Yard by Protophant
Breakers Yard is a roguelike dual-stick shooter set in a junkyard world taken over by fierce breeds of robots.To survive you must cobble together the best weaponry you can on the fly.

Play: Breakers Yard

Codename Cygnus by Reactive Studios
Codename Cygnus is a voice operated interactive audio drama inspired by old time radio serials. Players take on the role of a secret agent in an interactive spy thriller story using speech input for progression.

Play: Codename Cygnus