Parent’s Choice Silver for Plum’s App

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Plum’s Photo Hunt is a PBS Kids app that challenges children to get outside and observe the world around them. A series of “Photo Missions” send children out with a camera-equipped mobile device to look for life under rocks, insects and spiders, signs of a change of seasons, something dry, water, or a wide range of other things to experience in nature. For more fun, kids can add characters from Plum Landing to their photos, and when they take a special picture they can send it to Plum from the app for inclusion on the Plum Landing website. The app is intuitive to use and provides the inspiration many of us (kids and adults alike!) may need to start exploring.

Plum’s Photo Hunt encourages creativity, inviting children to see things they never thought to look for before. The developers have taken pains to protect privacy; parents will still need to offer oversight to make sure that their children submit nothing inappropriate, but PBS promises that anything they shouldn’t see (children’s faces, addresses, identifying information, etc.) will be deleted on receipt. The website accompanying the app can offer reassurance on this front, as a gallery of hundreds of photos from children bears out this promise — it is full only of other kids’ successes and motivation for more adventures.