Sparky App & Mobile Game

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Our latest app for iPhone & iPad is Sparky’s Match Game. In this fun and original game-within-a-game, children are shown by Sparky the Fire Dog himself what a smoke alarm looks like. They will learn the sound a smoke alarm makes, and what to do when they hear that sound.

The app, designed for children ages three to five, combines a fun matching game with learning about smoke alarms. The kids play until an alarm indicates they must stop what they are doing (mid-game) and head for the door.

This message is especially important to small children, who may not recognize the sound or are unaware that hearing a smoke alarm means get outside and stay outside.

Sparky’s Match Game was developed for the National Fire Prevention Association.

We also created an HTML5 version of the same game for the NFPA mobile site.

Original Team:
Bill, Gentry, Rick, Kevin

Mobile Team:
Belinda, Lisa, Dan, Dennis, Bill

App Team:
Vanessa, Dennis