FFFBI Academy


Still going strong, the Fin Fur and Feather Bureau of Investigation’s FFFBI Academy helps students (especially those with ADHD) plan and focus at school. Interactive games, video and a downloadable dossier combine to help kids learn how to manage assignments, remove distractions and even schedule their homework.

A current blog post from a teacher in AZ shows this resource is still in use: We are still studying the Inquiry Process through the use of an online simulation called, The FFFBI Academy. Students completed their first quiz in class last week either Thursday or Friday. This week’s science lessons will focus on the missions presented in the FFFBI Academy. Students will apply what they have learned thus far in the Orientation and Training Games. They will be placed into different teams to foster our class community while we complete the mission for the week.”

FFFBI was created and produced back in the day by Bill, Gentry, Rick and Kevin with help from many more along the way.