Game Telemetry Projects


The WGBH Digital Kids team continues to explore ways to better mine our games for data and to better understand evidence of learning to be gleaned from play in digital spaces.

The Next Generation Preschool Math project is creating a mobile, customizable teacher dashboard to report preschoolers’ successes in iPad math games.

On Curious George we have hooked up 16 games to PBS’s API and are collecting aggregated data in a research partnership with UCLA/CRESST, their National Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing. This is big data, with just one game in one day generating over 4 million trackable events (in 7000 play sessions) and about 300GB of data per month.

WGBH was a chapter reviewer for the new book, pictured above, Game Analytics: Maximizing the Value of Player Data and is also part of the new NSF-funded working group, the Finland-US Network for the Study of Engagement and Learning in Games. (Finland is the native home of Angry Birds, so the Finns know a thing or two about games…)